Our Process


To give every client absolute certainty about the value we will deliver, WSS conducts a simple, but thorough audit tailored to meet our clients industry specific requirements and water saving goals. After effectively identifying where and how water is being used, our technical team determines what strategies and solutions will yield the highest return on investment. Next we implement the appropriate water projects, investigate any available funding options and design an ongoing maintenance and service plan to ensure continued savings and optimum water usage.

4 Steps to Success

Walkthrough Analysis & Short Form Survey

A water conservation program starts with a facility walkthrough to determine Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for all water use systems. You’ll receive a concise summary to indicate: key water and cost variables, applicable incentive and rebate programs, and KPIs for all systems that deserve to be analyzed further in a more comprehensive water audit. The take away:


  • Visual inspection and inventory of water using equipment
  • Report of existing conditions that affect facility and water use performance
  • Recommendations for a more detailed audit based on conditions, KPIs, and applicable incentives
Comprehensive Water Audit & Savings Report

WSS uses the audit to develop a practical water conservation plan. We analyze inefficiencies and focus on systems that have the biggest impact and the quickest payback. The WSS audit report identifies the systems that use the most water and those with the greatest potential savings, along with implementation costs, payback periods and other financial metrics. The comprehensive report includes:


  • An analysis of baseline water consumption and water-sewer rates
  • An analysis of water use balance among all the water-using systems
  • An analysis of water and energy savings by all systems
  • Quantified savings in gallons, therms and dollars, costs to achieve those savings, incentives & rebates, and financial metrics.
  • A discussion of Key Performance Indicators, and major equipment variables
Incentive Reservations and Processing

Maximize ROI by capturing all available incentives and rebates. In addition to identifying all the available funding, we complete and submit the reservation paperwork and liaise to confirm amounts prior to project start. Our knowledge and experience allow us to expertly:


  • Combine incentives and rebates from all utility companies
  • Provide utility companies with the savings calculations and performance specifications they require in the format they want.
  • Perform all reservation and closeout requirements
Implementation and Guidance

Develop an effective water management plan for continued savings. We will provide guidance and consulting, whether working with systems vendors or providing one of our WSS water saving solutions. Implementation support includes: Project Planning – strategizing based on ROI, capital vs operational funds, complexity of implementation, and project visibility Implementation – Best management practices, risk assessments, internal versus outsourcing, and operational considerations Measurement & Verification – verify savings with an ongoing utility usage assessment with EPA Energy Star Portfolio Manager and sub-metering