Children’s Hospital of Orange County (CHOC)

Water Saver Solutions Recognizes Children’s Hospital of Orange County as 2023 Water Conservation Champion

Water Saver Solutions, Inc. renowned for its commitment to driving water conservation results, proudly awards Children’s Hospital Orange County (CHOC) the prestigious Water Conservation Champion award for 2023.

This recognition underscores CHOC’s unwavering commitment to reducing water usage from 2016 to 2023, collaborating with Water Saver Solutions, Inc. to accomplish a significant 35% decrease in total water consumption compared to its baseline year.


CHOC Executive Director of Facilities Management Mervyn Simon stated, “Water Saver Solutions has helped us to reduce water usage in critical areas on our hospital campus in Orange. The success of sustainable water management practices is evident in the tangible reduction of water usage, and preservation of water quality, highlighting the crucial benefits of responsible stewardship of this vital resource.”

Mervyn Simon

Executive Director of Facilities Management, CHOC

key accomplishments

As part of this collaborative effort, Water Saver Solutions, Inc. conducted a comprehensive water audit in 2016, examining various areas such as cooling towers, domestic fixtures, sterilizers, and irrigation systems at CHOC Hospital.

Through this meticulous process, Water Saver Solutions, Inc. identified numerous opportunities to enhance water efficiency.

Key achievements for CHOC include:

  • Reducing North and South Tower’s soft water regeneration frequency
  • Retrofitting domestic fixtures with antimicrobial water-saving devices
  • Upgrading to five highly efficient steam sterilizers to eliminate constant flows of tempering water
  • Replaced aging equipment with four new modern vacuum pumps
CHOC 2023 Water Conservation Winner

Gregory Paul (WSS), Chuck Bragdon (WSS), Mary Zimmer (CHOC), Mervyn Simon (CHOC), Megan Johnson (CHOC), Chris DeWilde (CHOC), Charlie Schuenman (CHOC)

As a result of these efforts, CHOC has successfully reduced overall water usage in 2023 by over a third of what it once was. Implementation strategies encompassed retrofitting domestic fixtures with water-saving components, including antimicrobial faucet laminars and showerheads designed exclusively for healthcare.

Additionally, modifications to major water-consuming systems were facilitated through planned capital expenditures, leading to improved operational efficiencies by replacing aging equipment.

Water Saver Solutions, Inc. founder and CEO, Charles Bragdon, expressed his satisfaction, stating, “CHOC is not only a vital community resource but a beacon of dedication to the well-being of children. Their unwavering commitment to sustainable water conservation practices is truly impressive. Additionally, their significant investment in capital projects to replace equipment showcases their proactive approach to ensuring the highest standards of care and efficiency. We are proud to recognize CHOC as a leader in both healthcare and water conservation.”

Water Saver Solutions 2023 Water Conservation Award