SoCal Gas Extends and Expands Contract With Water Saver Solutions

SoCal Gas Extends and Expands Contract With Water Saver Solutions

Southern California Gas has extended its contract with Water Saver Solutions for a second year. In November 2016, Water Saver Solutions began working with Southern California Gas to develop an incentive program that would help hospitals reduce their use of water and natural gas. Southern California Gas contracted with Water Saver solutions to conduct surveys of Level 1 and Level 2 hospitals in its service area. Hospitals receive the surveys at no cost. 

Surveys include a facility walkthrough analysis to determine KPIs for all water use systems, a report of conditions affecting facility water use, and recommendations for detailed audits based on conditions, KPIs and any applicable incentives. 

Southern California Gas is encouraging hospitals to take advantage of the program by not only providing the audits for free, but also offering rebates on laminar flow restrictors. All healthcare facilities subject to the Office of Statewide Health Planning and Development (OSHPD) codes and regulations are eligible for the rebates. 

In addition to auditing hospitals and providing conservation recommendations, Water Saver Solutions can also work with hospitals to find and maximize available rebates and incentives, identify and resolve compliance problems, install new equipment, and provide ongoing maintenance and documentation. 

Water Saver Solutions’ new contract extends through November 2018.