An innovative, antimicrobial shower head now offered by Water Saver Solutions (WSS) gives hospitals a solution for minimizing the risk of bacteria growth while improving the environment of care. The Medi-Shower™ shower head allows flushing and cleaning in-place to reduce biofilm.

“Shower head maintenance is a service that our hospital clients have requested for many years,” says Charles Bragdon, President and founder of Water Saver Solutions. The Medi-Shower™ features Medi-Flush inserts that can be replaced quickly without removing the shower head, reducing costs. Color-coding provides visual confirmation of maintenance.

Medi-Shower™ is widely used in the U.K. and introduced in the U.S. only recently by Pall Medical. WSS is partnering with Pall Medical, a global leader in filtration, separation and purification systems and the exclusive U.S. distributor of Medi-Shower™, to sell the shower heads, which it also installs and maintains. “Thanks to our relationship with Pall Medical, we are now able to provide the Medi-Shower™ as well as ongoing shower head maintenance,” says Bragdon. “We’re excited about the possibilities Medi-Shower™ offers and look forward to expanding the services we deliver to help hospitals enhance their environment of care.”

WSS clients Prime Healthcare and Citrus Valley Health Partners are excited about the new shower heads and maintenance capability, too. They are the first U.S. healthcare facilities to take advantage of the new technology and WSS’ maintenance program.

As part of its faucet and shower head maintenance program, WSS creates a summary report that can be included in a hospital’s Legionella Water Management Plan, enhancing documentation of the hospital’s compliance with ASHRAE standard 188 as required by CMS guidelines.